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  • Exchange Integration

    Purchase Enterprise licence - check
    Install Hyena 6.3b - check
    Configure Hyena to enable Exchange Integration - check
    Re-start Hyena - ERROR: Unable to find DAPI.dll for Exchange Integration. ...install Exchange Admin Tools on this workstation
    Look at user account attributes - NO Exchange attributes

    what? It didn't mention anything about requiring Exchange Admin Tools when I read about the product on the site.

    What do I have to do to get the Exchange portion to work??

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    Re: Exchange Integration

    You'll have to install the Exchange Administration Tools. This is located on your Exchange CD. You'll start the setup as if you are installing Exchange on your computer, but at one point you'll get to component selection and you'll select only the Administrations Tools.


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      Re: Exchange Integration

      I installed the Exchange Admin tools for 2003, I can see the stuff I need in AD Users and Computers. I also confirmed that C:\Windows\System32\DAPI.DLL exists. However, Hyena stiill reports the error when I start it.

      Thank you for your help!


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        Re: Exchange Integration

        Go to Tools->Settings->Exchange 5.5 and make sure the top two boxes are not checked, then go to the Exchange 200x tab and make sure you have it configured.


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          Re: Exchange Integration

          Okay, that fixed the error, but I still don't see the Exchange Attributes when I look at the properties of a User Account. Do I only get that when I right-click on the user object and got to Exchange Functions/Mailbox Properties?

          Thanks again, you've been a great help!


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            Re: Exchange Integration

            I know of three (3) ways to get the Exchange properties for a user account:

            - Select Exchange Functions->Mailbox Properties from the user context menu

            - On the user properties dialog (Hyena style), there is a button on the bottom of the General tab for "Exchange Properties"

            - Or, if you select Account Functions->Shell Properties from the user's context menu, you can get access to the shell (ie MMC) dialogs for the user.

            Let us know if you are not seeing these options.
            Kevin Stanush
            SystemTools Software Inc.


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              Re: Exchange Integration

              Yes, I see them all. Very nice!

              Thank you both very much for your especially prompt and appropriate responses to my queries, you guys are top notch!