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  • OWA and last logon

    I'm still reviewing this tool. I have some users that only access OWA from a NT environment. If a run a lastlogon will it reflect these users or will it only show users that have logged into our domain? Is their a filter I can set that will show this? This being whether they have accessed my network via a logon to the domain or only via domain. I want to disable users who haven't accessed either in 60 days.

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    Re: OWA and last logon

    Hyena will show you what is in the LastLogon field for your users, and the Exporter Pro will query each domain controller so that you have the correct last logon time. Whether or not those types of logon requests are tracked by Windows is something I'm not sure about, though.

    This would be a Microsoft question, or with a quick test you might be able to verify this for yourself. Have someone access the network this way, then view the last logon information for that account and see if Windows updated it or not.


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      Re: OWA and last logon

      What I previously was able to do was disable all those accounts *without authentication in X days to select them and disable* from the GUI.

      This was absolutely inccorect since those dates were from Domain Controller X.

      So this new method with exporter pro works and I wont disable accounts that are current.

      But how can I disable these accounts? Can I import a list and run a job? Or is there something in Hyena where I can Auto disable accounts after 90 days or whatever.


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        Re: OWA and last logon

        What you can do with the list you get from Exporter Pro is create a temporary Global Group, then the Add Member dialog allows you to paste in a delimited list of objects. The delimiter is a ;

        Once you've created the group and added those users, you can select the members of that group, disable them, then simply delete the temporary group.