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DL's in mixed mode with child domain

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  • DL's in mixed mode with child domain

    Here is my situation. I belong to a child domain that is in mixed mode. The parent domain is in native mode and there for hold the distribution list for exchange (were just finishing up the migration to 2003. I have both domains in my manage Object view and there both set correct (to the best of my knowledge, not sure if specifying DC could cause problems).
    I have templates that are within my domain. I right click them and copy. When I am done with the account and click OK. I get an ldap error saying no such object exist. I went into the template account and checked that it belongs to that DL in the parent domain. For some reason Hyena or what ever it's using is wanting to look in my domain and not the parent. Really strange. I am e-mailing McCullough a ss.

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    Re: DL's in mixed mode with child domain

    This is still an issue. Yet we now have an idea of what the problem is. Sometimes Hyena will have our parent domain in the location field. If we change it up to <span style="font-weight: bold">Entire Domain</span> then it will copy the user account without any problems.


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      Re: DL's in mixed mode with child domain

      Please post a step-by-step description of how you are copying user accounts, as I am unclear what is meant by the 'location' field.

      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.