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  • Exchange Template Account

    We are running Exchange 5.5 on a W2K box, our domain is NT with 2K workstations and 2K standalone server. I built a template account on the exchange called “template”. When I put template in the “Template account(s) to for new mailboxes” I get an error that says “The profile name is not valid, Enter Valid Profile name”. If I use my account as the template account I get the same error, but if I hit OK the exchange account form comes up with all the data filled in, any ideas?

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    Re: Exchange Template Account

    What did you enter on that dialog for Exchange-Enabled Profile Name?


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      Re: Exchange Template Account

      I get that as well Kirby. I don't really see the point of the profile creation part as i dont want to create an Outlook profile within the profile that is logged in into Windows.

      Is there anyway to disable the Outlook Profile creation? If I put nothing in the box it still pops up.


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        Re: Exchange Template Account

        Ryan, what is the exact error you get, and when do you get it?

        In Tools->Settings->Exchange 5.5 which of the top two options are you using?


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          Re: Exchange Template Account

          It comes up after i have selected the server and template. It says "The profile name is not valid. Enter a valid profile name"

          It comes up if i put anything into the profile path. I assume that this option is there just to create a profile in outlook so you can continue to set up the exchange mailbox. If this is the case I do not want that anyway as I want to create the new mailbox under a new profile, not the one i am logged in to.

          Under Exchange 5.5 i have:

          Exchange server name: Server1;Server2
          Profile Name: Outlook


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            Re: Exchange Template Account

            The profile you enter needs to be a valid Outlook profile on your computer, that has the Exchange configuration. When you use that option, Hyena will use this to communicate with your Exchange Server. Hyena doesn't create this, you have to configure it beforehand.

            The recommended option is to use User Manager extensions for managing Exchange 5.5.