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  • Exchange 5.5 / Hyena Copy User

    Hello, I frequently use the copy user command in Hyena to create new users on my NT4 domain. In addition to this funciton, I've tried making use of the exchange integration (exchange 5.5) to create a mailbox at the same time but the new mailbox is always empty. Is there any way to have Hyena duplicate the mailbox of the user I am trying to copy on the NT side when it creates the new mailbox?

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    Re: Exchange 5.5 / Hyena Copy User

    Do you mean to copy the contents of the mailbox as well? If so, Hyena can't do this for you.


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      Re: Exchange 5.5 / Hyena Copy User

      Not the contents, just the mailbox properties. I'm looking for functionality similar to that of "Duplicate" in the exchange 5.5 administrator so that the new mailbox has the same properties (dist lists, address, title, etc) as the mailbox of the NT user I am copying.


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        Re: Exchange 5.5 / Hyena Copy User

        This function will create a new mailbox, but won't duplicate the mailbox settings. You can experiment with using an Exchange Template under the Custom Exchange Integration option.

        If you have trouble configuring this send an email to [email protected].


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          Re: Exchange 5.5 / Hyena Copy User

          This is pretty easy, at least I remember it being somewhat easy to setup. Let me give an example of how I do mine and you can tell me if this is what your after? (I think I got it ps. We are in mixed mode and have exchange 5.5. Yuck!

          I have an NT account named _Template PHX ADM. This user has all the standard information and belongs to all the standard groups that are Phoenix users belong to. I use that to copy to create more accounts on the domain.

          Now go to Hyena settings under Exchange 5.5, I have the following.....
          Ckecked "Enable Hyena's Custom Exchange Intergration Options"
          I have my exchange server's listed...."VO-PHX-EX02,VO-PHX-EX03,VO-PHX-EX04" without quotes. This allows you to select what exchange server to go through.
          Now the Exchange-enabled profile name is my self. If you use a shared config.ini all users need to have that profile name configured on there system. Hyena just uses it to know where or how to make the connection. (can't remember) I have the box checked for Add mailbox when creating new NT user accounts. The first empty field "Base Directory Path and container for new mailboxes" is /o=Valueoptions/ou=Phoenix/cn=Recipients" without quotes. The second empty field has "/o=Valueoptions/ou=Phoenix/cn=Recipients/cn=_Template PHX ADM;_Template PHX ARC;_Template PHX AS;_Template PHX CC;_Template PHX CE;_Template PHX EM;_Template PHX EP;_Template PHX EST;_Template PHX GLD;_Template PHX HB;_Template PHX MET;_Template PHX NC;_Template PHX OAK;_Template PHX PN;_Template PHX RXI;_Template PHX SC;_Template PHX SG;_Template PHX TMP;_Template PHX TR;_Template PHX WC;_Template PHX WH;_Template PHX WKB;_Template PHX WM;_Template PHX WV" without quotes.

          To use more then one account use a semi colon like I have. I have a bunch of other NT templates in other OU's so that's why you see mine here. But you should get the gist here. To keep from getting confused make the NT and exchange account's the same name, it really helps. Not to mention you have to link the exchange account's to the templates for exchange 5.5 anyways.

          Now on the exchange 5.5 server I have all of these accounts, which belong to their perspective distribution list and other stuff like address, city etc. PLEASE NOTE. If you need to balance you exchange server so that not everyone is on the one server. Make sure that the templates home server is the one you want it on. If that template's home server is EX02 then when you create a new exchange account with that one, it's homesite will be EX02.

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