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Problem creating Exchange accts

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  • Problem creating Exchange accts

    I receive the following error message:
    "Unable to initialize Exchange on server 'server name'. If applicable, check the Exchange settings.... Could not bind to the Microsoft Exchange Directory 'server name'. You do not have permissions required to complete the operation."

    (1)I access the NT domain via the Hyena "logon as.." feature with a domain admin account that has "Mail Administrator" authority on the Exchange domain.
    (2)I've configured the Tools>Settings>Exchange with "Enable Hyena's Custom Exchange Intergration Options".
    (3)I've entered the exchange 'server name' I'm trying to access. (question: does the server name need a "\" in front of it or just plain 'server name'?)
    (4)I've entered my exchange-enable profile name as "domainname\NT username" - this matches my NT acct & Exchange acct in that domain. (question: is this the right format?)
    (5)I've checked both: delete & add mailbox when creating/deleting NT accounts.
    (6)I've entered the Base Directory Path - and verified it with Exchange management.
    (7)I have Exchange 5.5 installed on my local PC.

    Can you please advise on what to do to resolve this error message? It appears I should have the autority to create exchange accounts - I believe it's a configuration issue. I'm able to create the NT account - but not the Exchange acct. Likewise, I can delete the NT acct, but not an exchange acct.

    Thanks, RJ

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    Re: Problem creating Exchange accts

    Go to Tools->Settings->Exchange 5.5 and check the top box which is Enable User Manager Extensions for Exchange Integration.

    After you do this, restart Hyena and see if you are able to create an Exchange mailbox.


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      Re: Problem creating Exchange accts

      Thanks for the quick reply. Your advice worked - partly.
      It allowed me to create an Exchange account -BUT only on the exchange server locally. Please recall, I need to create the exchange account on a server (in a different container) where my OTHER NT account has authority. Your solution worked on the local exchange container after I selected "Enable User manager extensions for Exchange Intergration", but I need to access a different container through Hyena's custom Exchange because I have to supply my other creditials. Does this make sense?

      Background: I have a domain admin NT acct w/Mail Administrator authority in another domain. My local machine acct is NOT a member of that domain. So to perform user administration in that domain I use Hyena's "logon as..." feature. It works nicely to create NT accts but I'm not able to create Exchange accts.

      Any suggestions? If you like, please call me. Thanks, RJ


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        Re: Problem creating Exchange accts

        As a test, go to the Exchange menu, then Options and check the box to Always prompt for Microsoft Exchange Server.

        This will force it to have you choose the server you want to create the mailbox on when creating a user. See if it lists your other server, and if so, if it will create the mailbox.


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          Re: Problem creating Exchange accts

          I'm going to make a stab here, please disregaurd if I'm wrong. In the settings under the exchange 5.5 tab. Down where it says "Exchange Server for Directory Services"
          Enter you exchange server names here seperated by ;
          Example of mine"vo-phx-ex02;vo-phx-ex03;vo-phx-ex04"
          The other thing which I think is a bug but maybe not. After you enter your information go to the general tab and click the save all settings, then click ok.

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