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  • Dr. Watson errors

    Many times, when I try to delete a user account, I get a Dr. Watson error when I select "yes" to delete the Exchange account. This used to work fine for me, but after going to Windows 2000 (at least I think that's when it started), I get it seemingly randomly. I tried the fix posted previously of copying the mapi32.dll file to the exchsrvr/bin folder on my system, but I still get these errors when I try to delete a mail account along with a user account. Some times it works fine, however, and I'm not able to determine any pattern of when it works and when it doesn't.

    Also, if I use Hyena's Custom Exchange integration, I can delete the exchange account just fine. It's only with User Manager Extensions that the problem exists. However, many of the accounts I need to delete have hidden mailboxes, and I also need to do other things with Exchange accounts that Hyena's Custom integration doesn't allow.

    Any hints? Thanks.

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    Re: Dr. Watson errors

    Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't offer much assistance with this interface. I will see if I can duplicate this behavior as noone else has reported this.

    When you get the Dr. Watson, does it still delete the user and the mailbox?


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      Re: Dr. Watson errors

      No, it doesn't delete the mailbox, and Hyena doesn't delete the user account, either.

      Here is the error info from the log file:

      Application exception occurred:
      App: (pid=1668)
      When: 6/16/2001 @ 02:07:04.578
      Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

      If anything else in the log would help, let me know.