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  • Custom Tools limit

    I have Hyena 10.5 Rev. D and I have ALOT of custom tools for just about everything but there seems to be a limit on the amount of tools you can actually USE. I can add them but after a certain amount any new tools that I add below that will be greyed out and just don't run when clicked.... the temporary workaround is to go into the tool settings and actually re-arrange the tools to move anything that I need to use UP in the list until Hyena allows me to use it. Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing or maybe this was fixed in a later version? Thanks in advance.

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    This might be a version limitation. Check your license to see what the expiration date is on the maintenance. I see in v11.7 we increased the tool limit to 270 commands:
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Thank You... I will try that.