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  • script local administrator group changes

    Hi all,
    I'm new to Hyena and i'm lookin for a way to script local administrator group membership changes on a group of servers.
    To comply with SOX requirements we now have to use elevated priviledge accounts for admin access to servers. using Hyena I was able to scan all of our servers and pull a list of accounts that need to be replaced with an elevated priviledge account. Does anyone know a way to script out "Replace account A with account B on any server that you find account A on" and run this through Hyena?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: script local administrator group changes

    We don't have a way to manage it through a script, or search and replace. With Hyena you can use the More Functions->Add/Remove Group member function, though. You would select your computers in Hyena's right window, then right-click and choose More Functions->Add/Remove Group member. One pass to remove a user and one pass to add the new user.