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    I am not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this so in advance let me apoligize if not. I am a new user to Hyena and I am trying to find a tool and/or command line to do the follwoing action:

    Our organization uses smart cards for all of our users to log into there cpu's. This is controled by a registry entry on the local machine. When us administrators need to remote onto there cpu's, we must drill down to the following:

    CPUName\Registry\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Micro soft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System

    As you can see this is a lot of clicking. What I would do be able to do is select the cpu in the left pane of Hyena and select the tool/command so that it will drill down and display the contents of the system folder in the right pane so that I may select the appropriate registry entry to change.

    In advance, thank you for you help and patience in this matter.

    Kevin J. Mayer

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    Re: Drill Down

    One thought would be that you can go to File->Manage Object View->Objects and create a Registry Key object. This will show up in the left window. It has a computer entry, though, so what you will do when you need to use it is go back in and change the computer name for that object. It should still save you time from having to drill down through like that.

    Another option might be to experiment with creating a Custom Tool and using something like reg.exe.


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      Re: Drill Down

      Late to answer but you could do it from a script in dos using psexec. You would just need it to prompt you for the keys. You could use the reg command.