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  • Audit servers and PC's

    I have come across a handy script that audits servers and PC's and outputs into word or xml. It is very detailed and works well. Great for keeping senior management happy that everything is documented!

    You can download it from sourceforge at

    Here is the syntax you need to create a tool in hyena, so you can just select the computer and away it goes. (Presuming you extracted the downloaded zip file to root of C: otherwise change it to where ever you put it)

    cmd /c cls & cscript.exe C:\sydi-server-2.0\sydi-server.vbs -f10 -t%E%

    This will open up word and populate it. You can then save the word doc wherever you like.

    There are parts of the doc that ask for manually entered data like purchase date and location. Enter these if you want it to be complete, but it is not essential.

    If you have windows 2003 servers then you may want to do the following before running it against them:

    Known issues

    1) When targeting Windows Server 2003 servers the Windows Installer applications
    might be missing. This is because the WMI provider for Windows Installer
    isn't installed by default. You can add this with Add/Remove Windows components
    Management and Monitoring Tools / WMI Windows Installer Provider.

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    Re: Audit servers and PC's


    One helluva nice tool!!!! A scripting man after my own heart! I'm impressed.

    Definitely will be added to my tool collection. figure out just which of my 50 tools I need to retire so this one can replace it...hmmm...

    But seriously. Nice job!