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  • More custom tools...

    Pairing the custom tool feature with the NT Resource Kit Utility "REG" allows you to query any workstation/server for a specfic key, or better yet, add/remove key's and values. I use this command to query workstations for their Norton Antivirus CE Home Server:

    <span style="font-weight: bold">cmd.exe /x /c reg query "HKLM\Software\Intel\LANDesk\VirusProtect6\Current Version\RemoteHomeDirectory" \\%E% & pause</span>

    I use this one to copy a configuration file from a specific location on 1 of 5 servers to a highlighted client. You simlpy type in the name of the source server when the command executes:

    <span style="font-weight: bold">cmd.exe /x /c copy \\%P1%\vphome\grc.dat \\%E%\c$\progra~1\navnt & pause</span>

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    Re: More custom tools...

    Just a quick update to this one. See the following for more info:

    It depends on the operating system that the client is running, and on the version of Norton AV. The above article will explain the correct directories where to install the GRC.DAT file. Using this info, you can adjust "shadrach"'s command lines with the appropriate text.

    And thanks, shadrach, for the post. I was looking for just this sort of thing. Now if only a tool like this would work on Win9x systems.


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      Re: More custom tools...

      Yeah, starting with version 7.5 the GRC.DAT gets moved to a user profile directory, while 7.0.3 and previous versions looked for it in the program installation directory.

      Symantec supplies a executable now that works with 7.5 and up Corporate Edition that will drop the GRC.DAT to the proper location; only catch is that it must be run on the desktop. So no remote admin with that, but you can add it to your logon scripts and forget about messing with GRC's anymore