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modifiying existing accounts: ValidateUserLogonUpn=YES causes error popups

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  • modifiying existing accounts: ValidateUserLogonUpn=YES causes error popups

    Hi there,
    the following problem:

    - Hyena 11 (x64)
    - Windows 7 Pro
    - Systemlanguage: german
    - extended settings: ValidateUserLogonUpn=YES

    Whenever I try to update an existing AD account and click OK the following message pops up: "The User Logon Name '[email protected]' is invalid. Please verify the UPN suffix."
    The affected UPNs are set correctly.

    If I set this feature to FALSE, the error logical disappeares.

    Any hints are welcome.

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    Thank you for reporting this error. On the User Properties dialog, do you have any entries in the UPN Suffix list dropdown to the right of where you enter the Logon Name (the "UPN-SuffixListe" list) ? And is the '' domain in that list ?
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Yes, the UPN listed in the drop down menu is correctly added to the account name and shows the exact UPN.

      If I drop down the menu and choose that entry by a single click and clicking then OK - the settings I have made will be accepted without any errors.
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        Could you send a screenshot to [email protected] of the Account properties with the UPN dropped down such as this:


        Sometimes an image will help determine the exact cause. Also, let me know if you get the error (when the option is turned on) on an existing account that you are updating something else on, or are you adding or updating an existing account and trying to set the User Logon name initially ?
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.


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          To be more precise (it's not as easy to show it in pictures):

          Since we have just a single domain model here there can be just one entry in the drop down list. (And it is.)

          A. The option is turned on:
          I get the error every time I click OK at an (existing) account - even if no changes has been made:
          1. rightclick the account --> properties
          2. OK --> error. The account properties tab is automatically activated in the background of the message box. Clicking then OK a second time: no error.

          If I rightclick the account and highlight the account properties tab once: no error

          B. The option is turned off:
          no errors at all

          If I create a new account then I get no errors at all, regardless whether the option is set to on or off.


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            Thanks, that helps explain a bit on how you are getting the error. We validate the UPN even if you don't modify it, and if the error is triggered, the Account page is switched to.

            I think we duplicated this issue by modifying an account outside of Hyena (using ADUC) then just tried to update it. What is probably happening is the UPN list is not populated until you click on the Account tab, so its initialized to nothing initially. We'll do some further testing and get a fix for this out.

            Thanks again for reporting this issue and helping to identify the cause.
            Kevin Stanush
            SystemTools Software Inc.


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              Thanks a lot.
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                We did release rev 'G' of Hyena v11.0 last week that addresses this issue. Thanks again for reporting this problem.
                Kevin Stanush
                SystemTools Software Inc.