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Moving computers or users causes them to disappear from active directory hyena 11.0

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  • Moving computers or users causes them to disappear from active directory hyena 11.0

    Almost every time I move a computer or user (especially if I move multiple ones at the same time) they disappear from where they were but don't show up anyplace in active directory. The only way I can find these objects again is to do a search for them using active directory users and computers. The search finds them either where they were originally or where I tried to move them (even though they are NOT visible) and if I move them with active directory users and computers (from the search results box) they show up where they are supposed to be.
    I have closed Hyena and gone back in and have loaded active directory users and computes and rebooted the server so its not the refresh issue with hyena.
    I am using a new Server 2012R2 64Bit install and hyena 11.0
    If it makes any difference, the users were created with User Commander.

    Any ideas?

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    This is a strange problem. Hyena v11.0 has been out for some time and we do not have reports of any problems, and the move functionality is something that a lot of users use, so a problem like this would have been reported really quickly. Plus, there have not been any changes in this area. Lets try looking a few things.

    First, Hyena does not cache or store any information on users or computers or any directory object, so when looking at a container, OU, All Users, or running any query, the data is returned 'live' from AD.

    Verify that your domain type is a Windows Active Directory domain in Hyena and not an NT domain. In Hyena's left window, just verify that your domain object does NOT have "NT" in red letters over the globe. There isn't a move option for NT domain objects anyway, but I wanted to verify that first.

    Also, verify that you are moving your users or computers by right clicking on the object in Hyena and selecting the Move... option. Let us know what type of container you are selecting to move the object to.

    You indicated that you can search for the moved objects using ADUC, but are you saying that the moved objects can never been seen in Hyena again ? Is there any error displayed after clicking OK on the container selection dialog ? I verified that the "Move" option in the directory function that Hyena is using does display an error.

    I also tested adding a user with User Commander and was able to move them to another container. User Commander was developed before AD was invented, but it should still be able to create a user that Hyena can see and move. Something strange is happening.

    This might be easier to troubleshoot through a support ticket in case a phone call is needed, so if you want to do that, open a support ticket here:

    Thanks, we can figure this out it...there has to be some logical explanation.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.