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Hyena contents switch with multiple instances of Hyena open

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  • Hyena contents switch with multiple instances of Hyena open


    This one is a bit hard to explain, and a very minor issue. Not sure if it's a Windows thing or Hyena. I'm guessing probably Windows, but posting here just in case.

    As part of my workflow, I typically have three Instances of Hyena running. I also have Windows 7 set to Never Combine the Taskbar buttons. So I have three Hyena items in my taskbar. The first one I leave on a query of all Users, the second one on a query of all Groups, and the third one I use to browse around the OUs for miscellaneous tasks. However, almost invariably after some time the windows seem to swap, so that for example the third instance of Hyena becomes one of my queries, and the middle Hyena is the one without a query.

    It's kind of frustrating, because I have to start checking all the instances of Hyena to find the one I want each time instead of being able to click on exactly the one I want in my taskbar. I hope that makes sense, and that someone might have an idea what could be causing this.


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    I'm testing this now with the Never Combine setting and 3 different instances of Hyena running, but so far haven't seen this behavior. Do you know of anything specific you do that seems to trigger it? It doesn't seem to allow me to force them to swap, such as by dragging (they move as a group).


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      Also, have you ever run something like Taskbar Tweaker to change the default behavior of your Taskbar?


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        I'm not running any taskbar customization/tweaking programs. In case it's somehow related: I'm running a dual-monitor setup, I have my taskbar locked at the top of my left-hand screen, and it's double-height (I have two lines of taskbar buttons). And you're right, there doesn't seem to be any way to manually swap the order in a button group.

        It always seems to happen while I'm working in a different program. I'll have my three Hyena windows minimized, I'll do some work in a different program, then when I click one of the Hyena instances in the task bar it brings up a different one than expected.


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          I've done more testing with the toolbar locked at the top, but still haven't been able to duplicate. There wouldn't be any reason for Hyena to interact with other running instances as they are kept separate by Windows. I'm not sure what direction to try next, so if you find anything else that seems to trigger it post here and I'll see if that helps duplicate it.


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            A suggestion that may help avoid confusion is if you hover over each of the minimized instances of Hyena, Windows will display the information from Hyena's title bar. This enables you to see what data is shown in each instance of Hyena prior to clicking on it.


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              It just happened again. I've had three Hyena windows open since I started this thread yesterday, and #2 and #3 just switched contents in the last few minutes. They were definitely still correct this morning. I wish I could tell you more, it's hard to keep vigilant over that length of time.

              I tried the hovering thing, but there's a full 2-second delay before the info popup appears. It's actually faster to just expand the Hyena instance and see the contents.


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                I'm still looking at this, but haven't been able to duplicate the issue. Unfortunately it is a difficult problem to search for because it brings up many unrelated results, but I was able to find a couple posts online with the same issue (different applications). Neither had a solution, and were several years old. Hyena can't interact with the other instances, so Windows or something else running on your system is causing this.

                I asked above if you've used any taskbar tweaking programs to see if that could be an issue, but it might also be worth testing to see if one would help this issue.