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Right-click pop-up window fragment stuck on screen

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  • Right-click pop-up window fragment stuck on screen

    I've had this problem occur twice in the past week. Somehow, a single line of the right-click menu will become stuck on the screen. It stays there after I close Hyena. It stays there if I do a desktop Refresh. The only way to make it go away is to reboot the computer.

    I don't have exact repro steps, and I'm almost afraid to try, since reproducing it will mean yet another computer reboot. What I can say is that I was trying to right click -> Find on a DC, accidentally chose Properties instead, then right-clicked a different DC and selected Find. At least that's what I remember doing, there might have been other clicks. Hyena is always pretty sluggish in responding (about 5 seconds delay between right-clicking and the menu appearing), so this is possibly a timing-specific issue.

    Here's a screenshot:
    Hyena - menu fragments left behind.jpg

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    Something like that can be very difficult to troubleshoot. It could be a display issue, such as the theme you're using, etc. On the sluggish issue, go to File -> Manage Object View -> Objects, click on your domain and verify that you have Type set to Windows Active Directory Domain, then click the ... button beside ADSI Path. Find your domain there, click on it and click OK. This should enter the proper ADSI Path format. If you have anything in the ADSI Server box, go ahead and remove it temporarily, then click Update and OK. Then go to Tools -> Settings -> Active Directory and see if the box is checked to Use DNS computer paths. If it isn't, go ahead and check that box, then click OK to return to Hyena. Use Hyena as you normally would and see if that improves the speed issue any. From there it will help if you can keep track of the exact steps you were taking if it happens again. Also, if it happens again let us know what OS it's installed on, what display settings you have, what version of Hyena you're running, etc.


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      I currently have a half-dozen DCs set up as Container/OU Contents. I tried switching them to Windows Active Directory Domain and Windows 20XX Domain Controller, but the issue persisted. I did some experimenting, and the five-second delay occurs on the first right-click attempt. Subsequent right-clicks on objects within that DC are nearly instantaneous, but if I switch to a different DC there's a five-second delay on the first right-click, and then if I switch back to the previous DC there's again a five-second delay on the first right-click. I'm switching between the DCs fairly frequently, so I'm getting the five-second delay all the time. Checking the Use DNS didn't make a difference either.

      Since I'm replying now anyway, here's my setup:
      Windows 7 64-bit
      Hyena v10.0
      Windows Aero theme
      Dual 1920x1080 monitors
      Intel HD Graphics 4000, driver version


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        This delay in almost certainly caused by the context menu, which may have some computer-specific items on it. Try disabling it by selecting Tools > Settings > View and unchecking the option "Show shell context menu for computer objects". If the problem persists, let me know what the menu option is that hangs around, as I could not read it from your screenshot.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.


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          The delay is occurring when I'm right-clicking on OUs, so it's not going to be computer object causing the problem. I tried disabling that option anyway, and it made no difference.

          The menu option that hangs around is Properties, the one that shows up at the top of every right-click menu. Not sure why the screenshot showed up so tiny, the file I uploaded was high resolution.


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            I misunderstood. I wasn't sure what you meant by having DCs inserted as Container/OU contents. But you can turn off the shell context menu for directory objects under Tools > Settings > Active Directory.
            Kevin Stanush
            SystemTools Software Inc.


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              Ooh, that's made a huge difference in performance. Thank you!