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Cannot "Send To" multiple files in a directory

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  • Cannot "Send To" multiple files in a directory

    Just upgraded to Version 9.0 rev B. Running it on Win7 64 or XP 32 same issue. Previously I could drill down a directory tree on a server, list files in that directory, select some files in said directory, right-click and choose Send To from the Menu which would then open a SubMenu where I could choose a variety of actions including Send To Compressed Zip Folder.

    This no longer works. If I right-click on a Directory the Send To option is there and I can zip the entire thing. If I choose a SINGLE FILE in the Directory and right-click I have the option to Send To among other things.

    But if I select MORE THAN ONE file in a Directory and right-click the Options Menu is reduced to Copy, Move, Delete or View NTFS Security. Nothing else. This is broken. Please fix it.

    One of the biggest time savers for me on our servers was Hyena's ability to open say a Log Directory and just grab a month's worth of the oldest files and Zip them when needed to free up some drive space without impacting the ones being written to at the time.

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    What version were you using that you saw this functionality? I went back several versions and don't see the ability to view that menu for multiple files.


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      I thought it was working for v8.5 or 8.6 maybe? Now you have me doubting my sanity. LOL

      Is it possible to configure this function via Custom Tools setting?

      Hyena is definitely my favorite, most useful tool in my bag of tricks.
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        I went all the way back to v7.7 and didn't see it. I'll check with Development to see if there's any possibilty to add this in a future version.


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          Thank you. It would come in handy. And I apologize for being a bonehead. I realized after my original post I've been creating a new Folder and dragging the files I want to compress into it. Then I'd compress that folder. <sigh> I need a vacation ....