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  • unable to list computers

    I'm on a W2K3 domain. We have Hyena ver 6 and 7. Periodically we can't see the server list even though we can see the domain controllers and computers. The servers that should show up in the server list do show in the computers list. The error is "Unable to list computers. The network path was not found." This problem occurs for all administrators attempting to see the server list. This occurred once before and apparently fixed itself after about a week. We don't know what caused it or what fixed it. It's happened again. Any ideas on causes/fixes?

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    Re: unable to list computers

    This isn't a bug, but rather a problem with the network browse list that is used to generate the list of servers. AD does not have a mechanism to list just servers, so Hyena still uses the standard Windows browse list for this. The browse list mechanism is complicated, but essentially this error is probably caused by the browser service getting its information from a computer (browse master or backup browse master) that is sometimes offline. You might try searching for a utility to see what computer your computer is getting the browse list from, as Hyena has no way of knowing where this information comes from unfortunately.

    The other option is to not use the Servers object but rather put the servers into their own OU so that they will always be available.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.